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Lessons Learned from IT Service Management Tool Implementation: Part 5

Fifth in a Ten Part Series

· ITSM,Chad Greenslade,ITIL,IT Strategy

By Chad Greenslade

I have often been asked about my lessons learned in implementing an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool. Below is the fifth in a ten part series examining my ITSM lessons learned. I hope that these lessons help you on your journey to ITSM nirvana.

Lesson #5: Have Service & Configuration Item (CI) Owners. The concept here is simple; there is a single person listed in the ITSM platform that is responsible for the availability and working operation of the service and the configuration item. When a new service record is logged against a service and a CI in the ITSM platform, the appropriate owners are automatically notified. Similarly, if a request for change (RFC) is raised against a service or a CI, the ITSM platform knows to automatically append these persons as approvers of the RFC.